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Oluwakayode Ayinde Ogundoro


Head of Digital Archiving & Documentation

Olukayode Ogundoro

OGUNDORO, Oluwakayode A. is a Computer Scientist with multi-disciplinary background and training. He has extensive practice and specialized trainings in Information Systems. He obtained his degrees from the University of Ibadan in the early 1980sā€™. As a many-sided scientist, he has worked as a Computer Specialist in a number of local and international bodies spanning different projects and programmes including the 1995 - 1997 Nigeria Forest Resource Study(World Bank-financed) among others. He started his career as a lecturer in The Polytechnic, Ibadan in 1984 and moved around a lot across many challenging project-based work places and hired-time consultancies. He was the first Director, POLYVENTURES, The Polytechnic, Iree (now Osun State Polytechnic) in 1993. He has held similar positions in many other places. As a AGM (Research & Development) in the University Press Plc., Ibadan in the early 2000sā€™, he was responsible for the Monitoring & Evaluation of Policies, Programmes and Projects of the company as well as related oversight functions (like organizing Annual Retreat, workshops, et al) having earlier served with commendations as the Research Manager of African Newspapers of Nigeria Plc.(publishers of Tribune titles).

He was a university teacher and a widely exposed person with social, scientific, engineering and technological bias in the use and application of computers, mathematics and logic in the day-to-day activities of man, society, polity and economy as well as in the management of social transformation (MOST), public affairs, and social audit ā€“ packed with necessary antecedents and historical basis.

His duty post at BOSS keeps him actively involved in the Surveillance, Monitoring and Evaluation of all programmes, projects and policies of the state in line with the 6-point Integral Action Plan.

His hobbies are reading, social justice and youth promotions.

He is married with children.

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