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Dipo Famakinwa: A Tribute

Dipo Famakinwa was a man of foresight with acute sense of mission, and often ahead of prevailing opinion. He possessed in depth cognition of the need for component States in the South Western Nigeria to embrace good governance and global competitiveness in order to restore it to its pre-oil discovery position as the economic hub of the Nation.
Dipo stepped in as the Director General of Development Agenda of Western Nigeria (DAWN) to midwife regional integration agenda at a time when the prospects were, at best a dream or desire. He was convinced that the collaborative efforts of reform mapping, exploring and identifying areas of cooperation among Southwest States would make a significant contribution to the future we all desire
Recently, I took our team of Associates and in- house consultants to COCOA HOUSE for the first of what we envisioned to be periodic Exchange Sessions with the DAWN team, and after our presentations Dipo, in his characteristic candour expressed genuine surprise at what we are doing, and there and then assured us that our Agenda fits in with a current program of theirs in which we would be sharing best practices and success stories at a peer review platform. That was the South West Governance Innovation Summit in partnership with the Department for International Development. (DFID)
He had firm control of the roadmap to the lofty objectives of DAWN and he approached the task with innovation and uncommon passion, creating partnerships, strategic alliances, and just about any tool that would equip him to deliver on his remit. And deliver he did, so far and beyond our wildest expectations too! Today, the Southwest Bloc is currently the most promising regional integration initiative in Nigeria.
It is impossible to thoroughly pay homage to the memory of Dipo with the words written on this page. What we attempt, however, is underscore to the fact that his pioneering spirit, his curiosity, his boldness and his values will survive him only if we ensure that the momentum of sustainable development of the Southwest Region is accelerated.

Good night, Dipo.

Femi Ifaturoti Esq, FCIArb
Director General,Bureau of Social Services,
State of Osun.

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