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Back on Track

Your beloved Newsletter returns in new format.

I am excited to return this online publication back on track after a period of absence. It is the place of man to aspire, endeavour, plan, and project. The prerogative (sometimes called the “GRACE”), and very appropriately too, to execute remains the exclusive preserve of our Creator. Let us therefore continually call on the almighty to make us worthy recipients of that Grace.

There will not be any substantial difference in the format save to say that we would solicit increased feedback. Yes, I have been receiving commendation mails in our mailbox, but this time I will love to have publishable interactive stuff. Materials that will engender shared understanding of all issues pertaining to Governance and Public accountability.

This newsletter is yours also, not ours alone. Your questions, stories, and information input are very important to us. It might interest you to know that our editorial team members also have deeply engaging line functions in the Bureau of social services, either as core foundation BOSS officers or on the YESSO team, that keep them very busy. They are therefore volunteers to which I remain eternally grateful. We now also have a couple of NYSC corps members to beef up our efforts. Wow! Aren’t we blessed?

At the risk of spewing platitudes, I want to reiterate that the Bureau of Social Services (BOSS) remains an innovation in Governance and a very useful tool in stimulating efficiency in public policy execution and will continue to be remembered as one of the outstanding legacies of the present administration in the State of Osun.

With every kind wish,
Femi Ifaturoti - Principal Editor

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