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The Programme provides regularly updated information on poor households to a large number of Government and non-governmental agencies to help them target services and assistance to the poorest and most vulnerable households. These agencies can also use the register of poor households to target poorer communities, according to their relative poverty levels. This information must not be used for commercial purposes or for purposes that are not intended to benefit these poor households.

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The Bureau of Social Services proudly puts forward another edition of its newsletter. Recently, there has been a spruce up of various sectors by this administration; from forest regeneration exercises to a total restructuring of education in the State of Osun. In its accustomed approach, BOSS has continuously and consistently monitored these projects to ensure that maximum social benefit accrues to the citizens and residents of the state.

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The Bureau of Social Services presents to the people of Osun, the maiden edition of its quarterly newsletter. This newsletter aims at keeping the populace of this state updated as regards the activities of this agency.

The first edition of the Monitor covers various policy areas of this administration, such as; Education, Agriculture, Environment, Health and Social Welfare.

The Monitor also includes a segment titled "BOSS People", where individuals who inspire us here at BOSS will be regularly featured.

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Thumbs Up:
Where a project is executed in accordance with the project specifications or standards, BOSS affixes a ‘thumbs up’ sticker on the project as a sign of compliance with project specifications.

Thumbs Down:
Where there is deviation from the project specifications or standards, BOSS will stop the project and affix a “thumbs down” sticker as a sign of the need to improve on the project. BOSS will then prevail on the executor to ensure compliance with the project specifications

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"The parameters for determining good governance include embracing democratic principles, developing apparatus of implementation, and finally ensuring that all the components stay on course to guarantee public service delivery which can only be measured by its impact on the off-takers i.e the Citizens".

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